We sell new and surplus electronic components, at hopefully the best prices, stocking relevant components for electronics hobbyists, sort of like your local electronics shop did, before it closed down in the 90's
If you require anything we don't stock, we can get it in for you, just drop us a mail at, or click the Contact Us link below...
Shipping:- We are based in the Czech Republic, and use Czech Post. Prices are at Czech Post standard rates, and delivery time is about a week within the EU. Outside the EU delivery times vary.
We now ship to most places in the EU via PPL (which is part of DHL), it's a lot quicker than the normal post, is tracked, and is cheaper for most countries above 2KG.  It's a flat rate based on box size, the box can be any weight upto 31KG, below are Czech Post Rates (Best price for under 2KG)
 to50gto 100gto 250gto 500gto 1Kgto 2KgOver 2Kg
EU (Priority), ROW (Economy)1.51€2.26€3.90€5.54€9.31€15.90€Depends on Country, add to your basket and the eshop will work out the postage
Rest of World (Priority)1.75€2.54€4.71€7.53€13.10€22.98€Depends on Country, add to your basket and the eshop will work out the postage
Czech Republic99Kč99Kč99Kč99Kč99Kč99KčFlat Rate, 10g to 30KG (PPL),  133Kc (Ceska Posta), 
 There is no minimum order quantity for anything, but please bear in mind picking lots of 1 quantity penny items takes a lot of time.  Old Stock Items:- These usually have tarnished legs/pins, and have been discounted accordingly. 
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